Fancy Meeting You Here

Griffin the helper

Hello Interwebs!!!!

This is my new hobby/adventure. It’s really hard to write an opening post. Just wanted to throw that one out there. Anyways, this is my attempt at understanding, laughing at, talking about, and just straight enjoying all the nonsense that goes on out there in the world. I did just use the word “straight” like that, it’s got more emphasis than saying “just” and I like emphasis.

I’m a talker, a dreamer, and a challenger. I may drop a few swear words now and then (sorry Mom! But sometimes you really just need them, you know, for emphasis) things will get serious, snarky, and silly. But I write for fun, I write because I have these moments of inspiration- I write because sometimes I find myself saying stuff that is just pretty damn funny- and I think people need a good laugh. Honestly, I write because I have a lot to say. I think stories are fabulous and telling them is great fun.

I think what they call what’s going to happen here- “Lifestyle Blogging.” I’ll agree in that it will be about life, and it will have a certain style to it and lastly, it will be bloggy so I guess that all fits.

So I’m blogging now. Or attempting. Or something. I don’t know. If you’re brave, bored, or easily entertained – stick around, it’s about to get weird.

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