Things I Don’t Have

Happy {almost} Thanksgiving!

What do you call a cranberry that’s upset?


Hahaha. So bad, but yet…you chuckled, I know you did.

Most of you have probably seen the “What I’m thankful for today” thing happening on Facebook. I love this idea- but am terrible at keeping up with something like that. So I figured I would just tell you here, about some of the things I’m thankful for.

Every year around this time- when the first frost hits- and we have that first night where we have to get the extra comforters out and turn the heat up (or on in my house- Mr. Flik thinks that when the house is just a few degree above freezing- it’s “warm”). Anyways, I always have the same thought. “I am so blessed”- which is kind of bittersweet to me, because as quickly as I’m reminded about how lovely it is to walk into a warm house after being in the biting cold wind, or to snuggle into a warm bed at the end of the day, I am reminded of those who are stuck outside.  Without as much as four walls to protect them from the wind and cold- blankets, a bed, or any kind of luxury.

Count your blessings. I think the art of gratefulness comes in two ways. Awareness of what you have, and also of what you don’t have. For me, I find myself being thankful more often than not for what I don’t have than what I do.

I think most would agree with me in saying, when you count your blessings you feel so rich, so lucky, and so secure. But when I count the things I don’t have that I could- I find myself feeling even much more blessed.

I don’t have any major illness, nor does anyone I love.

I don’t have an empty stomach or a cold home.

I don’t have an unreliable car, housing situation, or job.

I have not been a victim of violence or abuse.

I don’t have many big regrets, and while there are obstacles – I have many options of what I can do with my life. I am not doomed to one fate- with little hope or options of things being different.

I may live paycheck to paycheck- but at least I’m living, and there is a paycheck.

This is just a glimpse of the things or situations that so many others are dealing with- that I haven’t had to this year. I don’t write all this down and put it out there to boast about how good my life is- but to reflect on how many people have so much more going on. And while I’m whining about how cold it is as I stand at the gas pump, or run to the driveway to warm up my car- I think of those who have to walk, or take public transportation to work. While I debate working out- or am huffing and puffing on the treadmill- I think of people who would give anything to be able to work out. While I feel sorry for myself some days because I am so overwhelmed by life and making decisions on what to do with my career or future I think of single moms and dads working two jobs just to keep food on the table-whose last thought is pursuing his/her dreams. The people around the world who work in factories and sweat shops to barely get by (if you can even call it that)- while I feel bad because the options are so overwhelming-‘the world is my oyster’-to me is a blessing and a curse.

Overall, I think we forget about being grateful on a deeply sincere level-except in November. We are busy, we are tired, we are working for the next moment. And we forget what stands before us every day- that would change these moments dramatically if things were different. We complain about work instead of being glad we have a job to go to. We stand in our closets full of clothes with “nothing” to wear, we have “nothing” to eat with cabinets full of food. We complain about traffic, with no thought to the person who didn’t make it to work today. We are forgetful, and our perception and focus both become blurred- and sometimes we are just plain selfish. Guilty on all counts. November is a good time to remember this though- it’s the finishing of one year- and reflecting on that, and the start of a new year- full of hope and opportunity.

My new year’s resolution (I know, I know- wrong holiday. Looks like I’m starting early this year) is to worry less, and enjoy more. To slow down and look around. To give more attention to the little “unimportant” things with joy and laughter, and accept the big annoying things with grace and ease.

We are too blessed to sweat the small stuff, and time passes too quickly to be wasteful of it.
Also- more quotes. I told you I was addicted.


P.S. has anyone seen or heard that JcPenny’s commercial– the jingle is something like- “Shop, shop, shop, go, go go, drop the dishes and grab the keys!” It really bothers me. Like hello- forget about being grateful or the fact that it’s a holiday weekend- JUST SHOP! Ugh. And my heart goes out to those who have to work and be away from their families over the weekend. And kudo’s to stores like Nordstrom who aren’t open and don’t put up Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving.

So here’s this.


But really guys- Happy Thanksgiving!
And if you are going Black Friday Shopping- remember to mind your manners!

P.S.S. It won’t always be this serious around here. The wacky is coming…it’s going to be Lengen…wait for it….
(If you don’t watch ‘How I Met Your Mother” you should probably start)

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