Because Mondays are Hard

First, lets talk about Chicago’s first (real) snowfall last night and the drivers who get seasonal driver’s amnesia. It’s kind of like seasonal depression- side effects include driving like a complete moron and nearly causing accidents by being too careful. Seriously friends- it’s a crazy world out there, but can you at least get it together on the driving thing? It would really improve 2 hours of my life each day- and 10 +/- hours a week, that’s a lot of time.  Now that I’ve gotten THAT out of my system…

So many important things happened this week. Honestly, I don’t pretend you care enough about what happened to me all week to read all of this (and I’ll never know if you do or not- but the Big Man Upstairs will! haha, got ya), but if by chance you do- hurrr ya go, and if not just scroll to the bottom where there’s links and other cool stuff. Really this post is just because I can’t get my words out in a better fashion- and well, I’m blaming it on the fact that it’s Monday and it’s 1 degree out right now, not including wind chill.

Here’s my Saturday to Saturday rundown:

Last Saturday (the 30th) all Fast and Furious (or anyone with a great appreciation for the loveliness that was Paul Walker) had a rough night after hearing he died. Leave it to my friend Brett to be the first of my friends know- he’s like Perez Hilton (except not caddy and with a way better face- look out Perez, Brett’s on the scene!). Ok, yes, so my friends and I who happened to already be gathered mourned the loss by drinking fine cheap wine, playing Cards Against Humanity (which is the greatest game, like ever- except for those sensitive types), and watching some hysterical YouTube videos. R.I.P. Paul Walker

Sunday was a poor attempt at decorating for Christmas and watching an even poorer attempt by the Bears at winning a football game.

Monday: Blah blah, no one even really cares about Monday. Can we write our congressmen and have them do something about this whole “Monday” situation? Speaking of congressmen- last night Mr. Flik and I watched 8 episodes (I am NOT embarrassed to admit that, not even a little) of House of Cards on Netflix. Its real good kids- if you aren’t on that boat yet, get there. All I’ll say about it is KEVIN SPACEY and really, that’s all you need to know.

Tuesday was a great time in that I was matched with my Cara Box partners- which I am SUPER stoked about AND I got to eat Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken- which is one of the best things on the planet. If you’ve never had it, you should. I’m sorry I’m telling you what I had for dinner…almost a week ago. Anyways, I’d call Tuesday a success.

Wednesday: worked day & night, not even kidding. We’ll just pretend this day didn’t exist.


Thursday: Nelson Mandela died. I won’t lie- and am a bit sorry to say I am not any kind of intimately familiar with South African history, apartheid, or really Mandela’s story- however I do know it’s rare to find a person in history whose legacy becomes so sentimental, iconic, and valued universally- except for people such as himself.

Also- I went shopping (found some really great steals, thank you Target), then rehearsaled, and ate my body weight in pizza with the wedding crew because as I said in my last post– my sister got hitched!

Friday: Wedding. Shenanigans. Nuff said.

Saturday: Recovery.

Sunday: House of Cards (oh and we put up our tree, and it was all cute and sentimental because it was almost a year to the day that we got engaged as we set up our tree last year!)


Today: DITKA DAY. Kiss it kids- Da Coach got his own day! That being said lets also kick some Cowboy ass!!!


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