Wedding Bells are A’ringin’

I’m just going to put it out there. I should have just taken this week off, because the chances of me actually getting anything done are slim to none.

This week will be the LONGEST WEEK IN ALL OF HISTORY.
I don’t think it has anything to do with the fact that my sister is getting married this weekend!!!  Totally, not related to how the days are dragging by at a snail’s pace (said snail is crawling through peanut butter with a 10 pound weight on his back).


So instead of being productive I took the latest copy of the Red Eye and added my own twist to the cover story for my coworker to find when she comes in tomorrow.

I also read every blogger I like, checked facebook more times than I am willing to admit, and read just about every story on Buzzfeed.

Now, back to the more important news- MY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED THIS WEEKEND. That being said it got me to thinking about a blog post series which I have been meaning to collaborate with my lovely sister over at You Name It Events  on. We want to create a few posts about tips for brides and wedding guests/bridal party members. I have been asked by multiple coworkers recently what the proper amount/gift to give as a guest, or if they should still give a gift if they can’t attend, etc. Apparently, I have become the authority on weddings since I am the newlywed in the office.

SO- if you have any input (i.e.- questions, ideas, stories, tips, etc.) leave them in the comments section and {hopefully} within  the next few weeks we can get this series going!



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