Why Me & Mr. Trestman are Fighting Right Now

Can we talk about the Bears for a hot minute?

Honestly Mr. Trestman- why? Why are you personally attacking my sensibilities like this- I thought we understood each other?


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My soul is slowing being crushed as the days draw closer, and I am forced to watch the train wreck that is Cutler add to his interception record. Mr. Flik, please make sure there is plenty of beer handy.

I think Cutler is terrible.
(I am probably going to get hate mail for this)

He looks good on paper- but in the pocket under pressure he loses it. Whatever amount of ”it” he even has at this point.

Grant it, I don’t think McCown is the granddaddy of QB’s but he’s been playing like a champ and should rewarded for this play. Like he get’s to finish the rest of the season kind of rewarded.

That was GLORIOUS. Also, it was the level of GLORIOUS Cutty would never attempt, much less succeed at. For these guys, football is their paid job, so- if one man is outperforming the other, that outperformer (ehm, ehm, McCown) should A) be rewarded B) encouraged and C) promoted. Let McCown finish this season- at least we know he can, you know, since he won’t get any ouchies like Cutler seems to in every game (he hasn’t played a full season since ’09- that’s 4 years kids) .

Let’s talk about how Cutler is about a tough as a porcelain doll (with 4 chins). How, how did he get hurt on this play?  I think I’ve gotten harder hugs than that in my life. Seriously, Jay?

So Cutler has a rocket launcher as an arm. That’s nice- except he throws it to the wrong friggin team, like all the damn time. I will take accuracy over distance, thank you.

McCown is old- yea sure, whatever. He is our backup- yea, yea.  Ok cool. But he takes a beating (did you see him jump and get flipped over that guy when he scored that touchdown?!) and acts like nothing happened. He doesn’t get mad and stomp off (GOD I LOVE THE ONION) to the sidelines when a play doesn’t go the way he wanted. And he throws A LOT less interceptions. Because McCown knows this is footballand not the Miss America Pageant- a lesson Cutler clearly has not yet learned.

kristin-cavallari-jay-cutler-gettyYou know what else I like about McCown- he’s not married to a former reality TV star. I know this has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with football, but it just goes to show he’s a few short of a dozen to begin with. 

I’m sorry Mister Trestman, but I think this is a HUGE mistake. I’m with Brian on this one.

I feel like the fans that are still saying Cutler is a good quarterback (and not just on paper) are the same ones saying the Cubs are going to win the world series. Sorry, but not in this lifetime.

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3 thoughts on “Why Me & Mr. Trestman are Fighting Right Now

  1. Girl, I watched McCown play the Cowboys on Monday night and daaayyyuuummmm. His heart was more in the game than any other QB I’ve seen all season (well, minus Peyton, Peyton is a freak of nature). I’d sure as heck vote to start him too. I also do not care for Cutler, nor his reality tv wife.

    1. Very true! I think he’s worked really hard to be able to play. Ultimately, I just want a win- but I’d so much prefer to see McCown doing it.

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