Sip Happens & other randomness

Guys- I’m going places here with this bloggy stuff. Look- I bought a folder and a notebook and planner all from Target, ‘cuz I mean really, where else do you buy stuff?

(ps- isn’t that folder the cutest?!)


I would die for one of these– but alas, they are expensive and I am poor. So overrated being an adult with a budget and all…honestly.


Ok, back on track. Organized. I’m getting organized. The irony- my post goes off the rails as I’m talking about getting organized.

Earlier this week if you follow me on Instagram you probably saw my post about trying out some weekly meal planning. So far it’s going well- although making more leftovers than I originally expected. Any suggestions my fellow meal planners? We plan to do a leftovers night on Sunday, but I’m thinking it’s just too much. 

Finally, what I’m most excited about right now is this link-up/excuse to have a mini party. What goes on is this: the lovely ladies hosting this link-up have chosen a wine based on it’s label (you know the whole, “wine by it’s cover thing…”). We get together and taste this wine (along with one or two others which I select) and give our insights on it. Later in the month I will link-up with these ladies and write about what we thought of their selection and ours!

Erin at Living in Yellow is the guest host and has chosen; ’14 Hands Hot to Trot’ which is a red blend. For more info on this link-up- click the link below!

If you’re interested in joining the party I’ll be hosting, just email me for more details!

picstitch (1)

Happy {almost} Friday kids!!!





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