The Pinterest Minefield

***First let me put a disclaimer out there- this is purely meant to be funny- don’t get your undee’s in a bundle. I’m mean no harm, and love seeing people’s ideas on Pinterest. Sorry there is no photo cred- none of them had original sources/watermarks when I found them on pinterest.***

So I was being very productive at work scrolling through Pinterest today and saw this photo that made me laugh and than shudder.


But it got me thinking about the funny photos you see on Pinterest- more specifically, the ones that seem weird/self-explanatory/or just bad ideas in general.

COME ON YOU GUYS!! I want to know who in the family was like; “I have the best family portrait idea. First we all get naked, and then we lay on each other. It won’t be weird and uncomfortable as we do it. It will look awesome in that antique frame grandma gave us. We will want to show all our friends how we managed to scar all of our children in one photo-shoot cute we are as a family- such togetherness.”

Honestly, I feel the worst for that little guy in the front- he doesn’t even know what the heck is going on. This photo is going to haunt him when he’s old enough to get how absolutely weird their family photo is. Also, I wonder what the next family photo idea was for these guys…er, maybe its best we don’t know.

MOVING ON…Can we talk about this? Please? Unless you have 12 children who all compete like Olympians in sports/dance or get real serious about dodge ball day in gym class- and who also need more than one refillable/reusable water bottle a day…who really has THIS MANY water bottles? This is bananas. I got a DIY: Water bottle storage Idea for ya: It’s called the garbage can/donation center. Improves storage problems by 87%.


I’m sorry- but this is about as good of a DIY Project as making a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese is a gourmet meal. THIS IS NOT A BOOKMARK, I REPEAT- this is not a bookmark. That’s a paint sample. Please stop encouraging my creativity then throwing this nonsense at me Pinterest. It offends my sensibilities (apparently, I’m Jane Austen today…me and all my sensibilities).


Split level flooring…. First of all- this is a lovely photo. Let’s start with a compliment. Now, let’s get honest with each other for a moment. That’s a pallet on the ground with plywood over it. That’s NOT split level- that’s about 1,000 stubbed toes and curses, right there.

split level

You know what happens when you paint PVC pipe? IT STILL LOOKS LIKE PVC PIPE (especially when you don’t do the inside of it). Come on guys- be like the rest of us and let those cords drive you crazy and get all knotted up. Throw that blow dryer into a drawer it hardly fits in and call it a day.


I think this one takes the cake- Those are “fire starters”- wanna know what they’re made out of? You don’t? Well I’m tellin’ ya anyways. DRYER LINT (Belly button lint will suffice in a jam) AND PETROLEUM JELLY.

STOP. Probably two of the grossest things brought together. Can you imagine what the process for making those is?

Step 1: Go to laundry room, grab all that icky lint from the lint trap and make cute little piles with it.
Step 2: Grab a handful of Petroleum Jelly and mix it with those cute little piles you made. Your hands may get a little greasy and linty- but don’t worry! You’ve just made your first fire starter.
I just want to tap this person on the shoulder- “HEY, HEY YOU! Someone beat you to this whole “fire starter” idea- it’s called a match & newspaper. Works wonders.”

The high-waisted Camel toe pant. It’s going to be all the rage in 2014. Seriously, how do some designers get away with selling us the things they come up with? I can’t even say anything more about this- I don’t even know where to begin.



Have you seen any funny pins like this? Have you ever attempted a Pinterest project that went horribly wrong?! If so, I wanna hear about it!

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