We have Corndogs here…

Please watch this video before you do anything else today. Also, do it before you read the rest of this post otherwise it won’t really make much sense.

I stole this from my sister– she posted it earlier on Facebook and I started to write down quotes from it- and ended up basically transcribing the whole thing. So- I’m going to go point by point on this.

“Some days gross things will happen- some days awesome things will happen”
PREACH CHILD, PREACH. Let’s talk about gross for a small second. Gross is the pile of laundry that I really needed to get to on Monday when I had the day off, but instead pretended it didn’t exist. Gross is the amount of time I can waste on the internet, or lying around instead of going to the gym, or cleaning, or being any kind of productive.
Awesome, let’s talk about that for a hot second. Awesome was Monday when I hung out with my sisters and little niece and nephews for the morning. They are great. I discover the older I get how much work kids are, and how that is so not where I’m at. I like to sleep through the night. But getting to see them, and watch them grow up is so awesome. Watching them go from little smelly cry face bundles to walking talking humans is pretty hysterical.

“Some days you’ll get ice cream and some days you won’t.”
If any of you follows me in other corners of the internet you will find that I was seriously craving ice cream. I will blame this on PMS (it was real crazy-I started crying at a MMA show Adam & I were watching for two seconds because they interviewed the fighter’s wife and she said something really sweet/corny)- but really I just think ice cream is one of God’s ways of making it up to us for all the screwed up stuff that happens in life. Either way, I got my ice cream.

ice cream

“Some days your kite flies high, other days it gets stuck in a tree.”
I think that accurately sums up my week. In fact, I think it could sum up one day of my week- one minute my kite is flyin’ high- higher than everyone else’s. And the next minute it is hopelessly stuck in a tree. Damn it, I’ve never been good with kites. Me and physics just are not the best combination. Ever.

“There are plenty of reasons to dance”
Mainly, because it’s Friday. Second, because I finally got to catch up on all my blog reading, and am FINALLY posting (for the first time this week- eek!). Also, because I heard this song (see below) today and am linking up with Whitney for Back That Azz Up Friday. Pure. GOLD.

“You’ll meet lots of people here- some will be nice and some won’t be.”
Again I say, ‘AMEN CHILD’. People are insane. On my drive to work on Tuesday I saw this guy two cars ahead of me- get out of his car (at a very green light) so he could proceed to yell at, and block the car behind him- until he was finished with his rant. I have no clue what terrible road atrocity she committed to deserve this extreme wrath- but man, it must’ve been good to get this guy out of his car, at a green light, in single digit weather, with very slippery roads so he could yell at her for a few seconds. I bet it felt really good and was totally worth it (lots of sarcasm there).
One of my New Year’s Changes I wanted to make this year was trying to be nicer. I am a really blunt/bold and sometimes thoughtless person- and I want to work on that. I feel like there are a lot of really simple ways to be nice to people and we just get busy or are too busy thinking of ourselves we forget to be nice. It’s really wild.

“Being a person is hard sometimes. We should high five people just for getting out of bed”
Wednesday was a 13+ hour work day for me. Again if you follow me on any other social media outlets you probably saw this photo:


So basically, that giant pile of paper which took 5.5 hours to copy was for a Committee meeting. Well, it takes a long time to sort (or as those of us in the administrative world like to call it- “collate”) that much paper. And I ran out of time before the meeting started. Then people came and wanted to help, and it turned into one giant clusterfuck. Too many cooks in the kitchen, people. You know what’s funny about that situation- you can’t tell that to people as its happening. It’s like a slap in the face- ‘Thanks for your help, but you’re just ruining things and making my life hell’. You can’t say that. Not to your committee members. All of this made me look incredibly incompetent and like a total train wreck-I HATE that more than just about anything. So needless to say- I needed a high five- because Thursday I did not want to get out of bed and go to work to deal with the crash site from said train wreck. Tell me you needed (and hopefully got, a highfive this week- come on, I can’t be the only one! Really do tell me about it- comments section people!)

“Just treat everybody like it’s their birthday, even if they don’t deserve it.”
My birthday is in exactly a week- just a reminder…so, you know, let’s celebrate. Also, this is really solid advice. Also- this is really hard advice. Is it over the line to say there’s a couple people I wouldn’t mind celebrating them breaking a leg or something? Just me…ok….on to the next point!

“You’re gunna do a lot but nobody knows exactly how much- so enjoy it”
Ugh- I posted about this earlier– I have no clue what I want to do and taking time to figure it out just feels like a waste of time. Anyone else feel like this? But Kid President knows what’s up. I’ll be over here trying to enjoy it.

“You’re made from love, to be love, to spread love. Love is always louder- even if hate has a bullhorn, LOVE IS LOUDER! So let your life be loud. Let’s shout to the world; ‘Things can be better; it’s okay about the mess ups! [CORNDOGS RULE]” (PS- he’s right, they do.)
I don’t even know where or how to expand on this. Except to say LOVE IS ALWAYS LOUDER. I have to keep telling myself that all.the.damn.time.

“I’m really glad you’re here- we don’t say that enough to each other”
I am truly, really glad YOU are HERE. I love knowing people like/read this stuff. Even if it is just my sisters to check my spelling/grammar. I posted this photo last week- it was really awesome to see all the international and domestic love goin’ on here. So thanks for that.


And finally-

Get out there and enjoy this Friday night people! Whatever that means for you- go on with your bad self and smell great. Kick some ass. Have at it. I promise I will not say it, I promise I will not say it….because YOLO!!!


Happy Friday Kids!!!

(PS- Grooveshark and WordPress are not friends & that’s why my link looks like that- still works though!)






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