Cara Box Link-up & Some Random

So let us start with this. I participated in my first Cara Box Exchange this last round. It was great fun- and I’m really excited for the next one! Today is link-up day where we show off the fancy stuff our match sent us.

One of my matches was Jessy, she blogs over at The Artsy Cajun. She is a fabulous gal who I had a ton of fun getting to know.

She blogs about all sorts of stuff and does a lot of fancy DIY type things. Here are some of the fun things I got in my box!

First of all- what a smarty pants- she put everything in a reusable shopping bag- I am a bag lady so this was exciting in and of itself. Also, super cute an Valentine’s-y (which you know I love if you read this post).

photo 1


Then she put a bunch of fun goodies inside- it’s funny- how did she know I’m slightly a bit of a wino? How did she know I paint my fingers/toes like once a week? Or that I write notes a lot? I don’t even know- I mean we talked and shared a lot over the course of the exchange- but man, she nailed it. photo 2PS- How cute is that ‘F’ she hand painted?! You can’t tell but it’s all sparkly. #CUTE

I think one of my favorite things though, besides the cute ‘F’ are these here Post-It’s. I have a problem with habit of Post-It hoarding collecting (please see Figure 2 for evidence). Anyways, these new ones- they are bright colored and say #yourock- I think YES about these!

Figure 1 (Cute, new ones for the collection)
photo 3

Figure 2 (I keep Post-It’s in two spots on my desk- all of varying color/size- you never know what you’re gunna need)


Anyways, lets not focus on my Post-It problems and instead let me say how much fun it was to participate in the Cara Box Exchange! I sent a box to Ashley who blogs over at Our Mitchell Moments and I think I was just excited to send my box  as I was to get one!

Thanks to Kaitlyn of Wifessionals who organizes this whole huge production! And of course, thanks to my match Jessy- who was such a delight to get to know, and sent me some very thoughtful stuff!

First- We need to take a moment to recognize the fact that it is SPRING outside right now. And how fabulous that really is. Or how I put on a skirt and a jacket today without fear of going outside and instantly freezing?! Hallelujah- I think this is really what I needed to keep me from throwing a real hissy fit over how cruel this winter has been to us here in Chicago.

Second- I am 1 stamp away from winning about 5 different prizes on this damn Jewel Monopoly game. I am SUCH a sucker for this stuff. That brings me to the following conclusions: A) I want your pieces if you aren’t playing- and no I’m not kidding. B) I HAVE to win something- even if it’s just the $10 grocery gift card or else I will be really upset. C) How in the world did I even get sucked into this?!

Third- Erica over at Erica Jacqueline did a lovely feature about me in her post yesterday, which you should check out if you haven’t already!

And finally, I’m going to an event hosted by Windy City Blogger Collective tonight at the Langford Market which I’m pretty excited about- you’ll get to hear more about this later in the week!

Well- I’m just rambling now, so off I go to obsesses over my Jewel Monopoly board….


5 thoughts on “Cara Box Link-up & Some Random

  1. You got a great box, and considering it’s your first one – that’s awesome! Those post-its – Yes! I’m glad you had a good one! I enjoy this swap so stinkin much each and every time. And the weather here too – Oklahoma – has been absolutely magnificent!

    Great to meet you from the swap!


  2. I love this Cara box idea. I have to try it out sometime. Those post-its are awesome. You are such a fun writer. I am loving all the posts. So glad I met you at the Langford Market shopping event. I am excited to see how you styled your shopping spree loot.

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