Pet Peeves

Okay guys- today I want to talk about pet peeves because, why not?

“A pet peeve is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to himself (or herself), to a greater degree than others may find it.” via Wikipedia.

Actually this is inspired by true events. One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is when there’s an ambulance coming down the street all lights and sirens- and people don’t move/pull over/stop/get out of the way. UHM HELLO!!! I’m sorry (not really) but I think that person in the back of the ambulance is having a heart attack or maybe just has a really bad paper cut that needs some serious medical attention- but either way, MOVE IT DUDE. Wherever you’re going isn’t as important as that person getting to the hospital- for them every second counts, you can wait at that light for a hot second. It happened this morning on my way to work- I pulled over to the curb (I was in the right lane) to get out of the way and this guy behind me cut into the center lane (where the ambulance was) to pass me and keep going. Then because people don’t get the concept of getting out of the way the ambulance had to drive in the oncoming traffic lane because people wouldn’t move! Makes my blood boil. Also, props to ambulance drivers, because I think I would start going at cars that were in my way demolition derby style. (Sidenote- if you’ve never been to the demolition derby- go. It’s amazing. NOT even kidding.)

This got me thinking about random pet peeves I have, and how funny it is that certain things bother people more than they do other people. So here you will find my complete list of pet-peeves.

Also- “they” think the phrase ‘Pet Peeve’ became popular around 1919. And the word ‘peeve’ actually came from the Latin for the word “Perverse.” Now, don’t say I never taught you anything here.

My [Random] Pet Peeves

  • Loud Chewers (see this Instagram post)
  • The noise Mac & Cheese makes when you stir it. Only a Mac ‘n’ Cheese Connoisseur would have this issue.
  • When people wear socks to bed (EWEEEE).
  • People that don’t move for ambulances, as seen above.
  • When people scrape their teeth on their forks.
  • When someone calls/texts you and you miss it, but call/text back right away and they don’t respond.
  • People that honk at you .0034 seconds after the light turns green.
  • Slow turners- you know you don’t like those people either.
  • People with music/TV ADHD- Please can we listen to the WHOLE song instead of you changing it at the best part!?!
  • Poor customer service- this one is pretty general, but it DRIVES ME NUTS.
  • When you call/email a company/event/professional about something and they don’t respond for DAYS or at all. COME ON. You are a company- answer my damn question!
  • When people use the words….ugh. I don’t even want to type them.”Panties” & “Moist.” UGH I need to go take a shower now.
    (My family & friends love to taunt me with these words- they even combine them in really gross ways to watch me wig the eff out. #RUDE)
  • People at the gym who get on the treadmill right next to you when there are other open ones that aren’t near to any other runners. GET OUT OF MY QUADRANT.
  • Couples who sit on the same side of the booth/table as each other when it’s just the two of them. WEIRDOS- sit across from one another- you’re creepin’ me out!
  • People who use too many hashtags. Stop yourself. 4-5 is the max, and even that’s pushing it. When you have a paragraph of hashtags I’m instantly annoyed.
  • When people squeeze the condiment/shampoo or conditioner bottles and then close them with all the air sucked out…just, don’t even ask.
  • When you ask for the guac at Chipotle and they shout at you that it’s an extra $2. “Yes, I know- this is not my first Chipotle rodeo. No, I don’t care. Yes, I want the guac. Just, yes- right there in my burrito bowl.” IT SHOULD NOT BE THAT HARD. I JUST WANT SOME GUAC.

I think 15 17 is a good number to leave things off at. It was going to be 15- but then I found THIS.
What about you?! Let me hear about some of your pet peeves. I need to know I’m not alone in this.

Keep an eye open for my post about last night’s shopping event!

8 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

  1. AH! I love the gym one! ORRRRRR…. when they are clearly using the same circuit as you, and they do NOT wipe off the machine once they move! I mean, I am wiping that machine before and after because I don’t want to sit in other people’s body fluids! It’s like two work outs!

  2. I have two for you:
    1. Using light colors for emphasis on a post, under certain circumstances it can barely be seen on the screen making it necessary to tilt the screen to read it.
    2. People who drag their feet instead of walking. If you’re handicapped you’re excused.

  3. bahaha you have me cracking up! Obviously the chewing…gross. I agree with basically all of this ESPECIALLY the sound of Mac and Cheese. It’s so…moist sounding. Oops! Sorry! 😛

  4. Agree with them all! Gotta love people that don’t answer your Im’s or texts right away too. Then they have some lame excuse why they didn’t. Argghhh~

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