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VALENTINES DAY IS COMING. And I don’t care what you say about this being a “Hallmark Holiday” or being totally commercialized, blah blah blah- all I’m sayin’ is- don’t rain on my parade. The one time of the year that everything is covered in pink and red and sparkles and hearts- how can you be mad at that!? Unless of course, you are the Grinch of Valentine’s Day and your heart is two sizes too small. Then by all means, continue grouching.

grinch heart

Now that we cleared the air on that topic- I wanted to show you a great DIY Valentine’s Day gift (or if you really refuse to celebrate this holiday- it works as a birthday, mother’s/father’s day gift, etc.) that is thoughtful, budget friendly, and fun to work on! I made this a few years back for the mister and it still is one of my most favorite gifts I’ve made/bought for him.


I don’t really have a name for this- and everything I thought up for a name was really corny, so I’m just going to give you pictures and directions and you can name it whatever you want!

What You’ll Need:

  • A dictionary/encyclopedia (I found a really cool vintage one from  a used book store- you can use a new one if you want, I just wanted something that looked cool on the outside)
  • A Glue Stick
  • Clippings from magazines/newspapers/stickers etc.
  • Decorative Paper Fasteners (See below)
  • Stamp pad & stamps (or if you have nice handwriting you can just write)
  • Fancy paper/card-stock
  • Fancy scissors
    (the last four things on this list are optional, you can get away with using regular paper/scissors and just writing the words- it’s up to you how fancy/involved you want to get)


So, what I did was this. I made a list of all sorts of character traits, or things I think of when I think of my husband; I.E. strength, youthfulness, loving, caring, smart, etc. I then looked through a bunch of magazines/newspapers/stickers to find words that said those things, or related to those characteristics and cut them out.

In the first few pages of the book I made a cover page that looked like this:

(My husband’s nickname is “Flik”)


Then every few pages I would make a collage with one of the character traits I had written down. Like this:


Because it would take a long time, and a lot of words,  I didn’t do one on every page- so I fastened pages together with the paper fasteners like so: PicMonkey Collage


I also just glued some of the pages together with a glue stick.

image (1)
(This page theme was “Character”)

image (4)Add in little quotes, or love notes, or whatever comes to mind! 

image (5)


20140206-_DSC1327The End!

Do you have any great Valentine’s Day gift or DIY ideas?
What is the best Valentine’s Day gift you’ve given or received?

This post is a part of Helene & Sarah’s Valentine’s Day Link-up!

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