The Birthday Bowl

THE GREATEST HOLIDAY OF THEM ALL!!! My birthday ya’ll!! (I’m calling this weekend “The Birthday Bowl” as I think people who have to share a birthday weekend with the Super Bowl should get some recognition too.)
My birthday was actually on Friday, but I was too busy celebrating to post about it.
Also- Friday was my Aunt/Birthday Twin’s birthday as well. So, that being said- I thought we should do a special birthday feature!
I asked my lovely Auntie Luisa 12 questions (because 20 is cliche) and these are her answers! (My questions are in bold, her answers are below, and my commentary is in italics)


What has been your favorite birthday?
I’ll have to say Sweet 16. You’ll see why when I answer the next question.

Have you ever had someone throw a surprise party for you? If so, Did you have any idea what was going on?
Grandpa planned an elaborate surprise Sweet 16 birthday party for me.

No. So here’s the deal, my parents were divorced and my dad decided to take me out for my birthday (what 16-year old wants to spend their birthday with their father?!) We went to the Ramada Inn in Schiller Park where he worked and sat in the dining room. I just ordered a Coke and was literally sulking (being a brat!). He asked me to come to the banquet room with him as there was an “issue” (so his restaurant staff came to our table and told him) and he didn’t want to leave me sitting there by myself. Of course when we walked into the room, it was a surprise party for me! He had two busloads of my friends from high school driven from the Arlington Heights library to the Ramada. We had a magician, a hypnotist, a band and dancing. IT…. WAS….. AWESOME! You know Grandpa knew how to throw a party! (I asked this because I am of the opinion that everyone should have a surprise party throw for them at least once in their life. It is such a cool/surreal feeling!
PS-My grandpa was THE MAN when it came to party throwing. He worked pretty much his whole life in the restaurant/banquet/event coordination business so he knew what he was doing. Seriously, who has a hypnotist at their birthday?! I totally would have messed with people.) 

Do you like having a winter birthday?
Did I have a choice?! (I asked this because I HATE having a winter birthday! It’s cold and you can’t do anything. I mean honestly, an “Ice skating party”- that’s lame.)

What did you do this year for your birthday?
At work, I got a flower delivery with a Happy Birthday balloon attached from Marketing and HR departments that I report to along with a fruit tray and yogurt dip. Brownies are coming Monday. At home, went out for a steak dinner with my wonderful husband, and my sons Chris & Mike, and Grandma Irene and Uncle Frank. And for dessert we had Portillo’s chocolate cake with a scoop of Premium Vanilla Ice Cream at home as my birthday cake. It was a great day. (All I have to say here is PORTILLOS CHOCOLATE CAKE- if you’ve never had it you need to get your life together.)

What is the most memorable gift you’ve gotten for your birthday?
A diamond tennis bracelet from Uncle Joe. (DIAMONDS- a girls best friend, amiright?!)

On a scale of one to ‘Sending Justin Bieber back to Canada’ (that means you were really, really excited) Just how thrilled were you to find out we were going to be birthday twins?! 10! It’s a special bond — between me and you. (So, clearly she means “Send Justin Bieber back to Canada” and not 10- and that’s pretty awesome!)

Onto non-birthday related questions:
What’s one of the best pieces of advice you’ve gotten and still live by/think of often?
Being from a “short” family, the saying, “It’s your attitude, not your altitude that counts most.” More recently, my favorite is, “God’s got this”.

How do you feel about Punxsutawney Phil seeing his shadow this morning? (P.S.- he saw his shadow if you didn’t know, and that means at least 6 more weeks of winter- BOOO!!!)
Not too pleased. Fortunately me, I’m getting out of dodge in about a week to a much warmer client — can you say FLORIDA. (JEALOUS)

Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl?
Bears aren’t in it so not that invested, but I think Seattle will win. Best defense always wins. (Smart lady over here)

Have you set any new years resolutions? If so, what is one of them, and how is it going? (Now that we’re a month in it seems like a good time to check in on those!)
I set three resolutions: 1. Lose weight – not going so good so far — too many birthday celebrations. Now that that’s over, I’m on it.  (Me too & me too)
2. Get to work on time (8:00 a.m.) every day. Not good again – made it only once this year so far.  (I mean come on, who is ever at work on time, there’s like a 10 minute grace period I think….right???)
3. Wear lipstick every day – protects your lips in winter – this one is working! (Got your priorities in order on this one! I am really getting in touch with my lipstick game as of late too)
1 out of 3 – time to work on the other two with the new month upon us.
(we got 11 months to get back on track!)

What’s the best movie and/or book you’ve seen/read in the last 6 months?
I’m reading “Managing Up” by Rosanne Badowski – she was the assistant to Jack Welch, CEO of GE during it’s greatest growth in history. It is written in a down-to-earth, no-nonsense style with takeaways at the end of each chapter that are very helpful and make a lot of sense. (So sophisticated sounding!!)

What are you most looking forward to in 2014?
Brittany’s graduation from Residency in June and getting our condo construction fully completed and finally settling into a comfortable routine. (My cousin is working on becoming a pediatrician and taking over the world. Round of applause for her.) 

Have any good stories/answers to these questions?! Let’s hear ’em, leave a comment!

Also, FYI Kerry Washington and Justin Timberlake are our birthday twins too. So I’m going to go on a limb here and say some very good looking, talented, and classy people are born on January 31st.

Also something else very cool happened this week- my wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty! Our photographer Michael Novo submitted it and it looks great! Check it out here and here. PS- Every time I see my wedding pictures I want to go back and do it again. BEST.DAY.EVER. Here’s a taste:

PicMonkey Collage(Photos courtesy of Michael Novo Photography – the best wedding photographer around!)

As you just read, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, guys. So while having a very lovely and enjoyable birthday weekend (er, Birthday Bowl) it has now been poopooed all over by this little runty groundhog. Honestly, who does he think he is to snow on my parade like this?! We have had the most Polar Vortex-y winter I can recall, and now he sees his damn shadow and now 6 more weeks of this unbearable cold. MAKE.IT.STOP.

So let’s all have a moment of honesty here- I don’t care about the Super Bowl because my team isn’t in it (just like my Aunt!). And just like everyone else whose team isn’t in it- if we’re all being honest. BUT I am excited for commercials, and of course the greatest bowl of them all- THE PUPPY BOWL!!!!
How about you guys, what do you look forward to most when your team isn’t in the Superbowl?

Cheers on this Super Birthday Bowl Sunday…Happy Birthday weekend to all the birthday people out there!! Also, for some good entertainment follow me, Chicago Blogger Network and their members for some good old fashioned live tweeting. #CBNBowl.



PS- I want to hear from ya’ll!!! Who are you rooting for today -in both the Football and the Puppy Bowl?

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