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Today I’m writing my first ever ‘Fashion Post’ about a piece I bought at an event. Just an FYI- This is a sponsored post. I did/can receive compensation from Langford Market in exchange for blogging about the brand. However, all of this was inspired by true/real events

So do you remember last week before I crawled into a hole and disappeared from bloggy world how I talked about going to a shopping event at Langford Market with Windy City Blogger Collective?

So, here’s the scoop. I’m going to start this story with something funny- and somewhat embarrassing because that will make up for my awkward “modeling” photos later in this post.

So I got off work and was heading downtown to the shopping event which was in Lincoln Park. I knew the general area where the store was, but wasn’t 100% sure as I had never been. Welp, I just spoke to my trusted friend Siri- who I have become newly obsessed with since getting the new Iphone. I’ve never had a Siri before. Well, me and Siri are now in a fight because when I asked her to take me to Langford, she took me to what used to be Langford. Which now looks something like this: langarm

Actually, at 6 PM on a really cold night- it looks a lot less appealing. Especially after paying for parking, and trying to jump the giant snow mounds in flats (with no socks) to get to the meter box (AKA- parking highway robbery box). So basically, Siri betrayed me and we aren’t friends anymore. After some further research, I found the proper address and ended up at the right place.

Which, by the way- is a delightful little treasure. The event was a lot of fun, and I met a few very nice girls which is always a bonus!

P.S.- Major cred to all fashion bloggers out there for multiple reasons. First, I don’t know how you manage to take these adorable, not awkward photos outside in the middle of winter. I was freezing my lady parts off, and the wind was legitimately trying to blow me over. Also, what do you do with your hands?! Ugh, honestly, the most awkward experience being photographed alone. You probably won’t be seeing a ton of fashion posts from me.

ANNDD we’re back. I found this super cute jacket which I am now more obsessed with than Siri.

It’s pretty light weight, but still warm and cozy. I styled it four ways, because I was trying to think of two ways to do it- and as I was thinking of it more and more outfits came to mind that I could work it into. It’s super versatile. So- here’s goes.

outfit1This was my more casual approach- crop jeans, flats, and a simple black tee.  I paired it with gold accessories- which you can’t really see. Oops.

Looks Two:
A bit dressier look. Everything under the jacket is Cabi (Carol Anderson by Invitation). If you need a consultant for Cabi, just click the link!
Shoes: Similar found here, here, here and here.

Look Three- AKA; My Favorite.
I’m a casual girl through and through so this was right up my alley- except for the fact of course it’s not Spring (even though it should be!) and I was really cold.
Pictured: Skirt similar here & here, Similar-ish Tank, Button Down-here or here, Shoes.

And Look Four- Fancy Sauce:
Similar: Dress 1 or Dress 1. Shoes: Here, here, or here.

Overall, this piece is great. It is super comfy, warm but not too heavy or thick and has some black detail on the shoulders which means you can wear it with just about any color! My only con with this piece would be the material seems a bit delicate so you have to watch out for snagging it or getting it caught on things. The shop itself had a ton of stuff for all different tastes- and everything was reasonably priced which makes life even better!

And that was how I was a model for a few hours. And it was weird.
Props to WCBC & Langford Market for hosting such a fun event. And of course, props to my one and only- who happens to be my photographer as well.

The End.


6 thoughts on “#WCBC Shops LM

  1. You are so hilarious and gorge all wrapped into one fun little bundle. No seriously, I love that jacket. I love look two the very most but you look fab in all three!! You should probably wait until spring to preserve your lady bits… but then you should do more fashion related work! Love it girl!

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