Cuz what else would a blogger do at 3AM?!

You know when you wake up wide awake in the middle of the night you suddenly have the clearest train of thought ever: did I switch the laundry? Did I pay that bill? I should check my passport…I think it’s expired. You think of all the things your brain won’t let you remember during waking hours but seems to find extraordinarily important at 3 AM. Your to do list is steadily growing, and you might as well start on it now since you can’t sleep. Except that everyone else is tucked in and cozily dreaming like you should be.

Speaking of 3 AM- I’m not a very superstitious person, but when you wake up anywhere from 2:59:59-3:59:59 AM- it is automatically 25% more creepy. I mean come on, witching hour- have you ever watched any horror movie, ever? Next thing you know your mind wants to remind you of all things haunted/demon possessed, Chucky and his creepy ass laugh, the murderer that’s inevitably hiding in your shower- and why is that shadow over there moving towards me? Or how you can’t quite remember if you locked the front door. You break out in a cold sweat and start singing lullabies to yourself; “Jesus loves me…this I..”
Suddenly your spidey sense hearing kicks in- ‘What was that? Just the heat kicking on? No- it’s never that loud. Maybe just the wind? Right, ok- the wind.’ 45 seconds pass- “Ok, no but seriously-what was THAT?!’

Smash your eyes shut determined to sleep- after all the alarm is going to go off in what will feel like an hour. Then you’re sweating- literally, so off the blankets go- except for on your feet, those can’t be uncovered-the ghosts like drag you out of bed by your feet and if they’re covered they can’t (clearly- it’s like a rule or something). Then, .37 seconds later your leg is freezing. Back under the covers. And why does the cold side of the pillow not stay cold for as long as it takes to get cold again?

And now you’re realizing you’re uncomfortable so you roll over- but that’s not working either. Back the other way, eyes shut. Starting counting sheep, thinking about something boring and will yourself to fall asleep. Eventually, you get so annoyed you find yourself lowering the brightness on your iPhone screen because its about as bright as staring into the sun, and start writing a blog post- because what else should you do at 4:19 AM when you can’t sleep and there’s a murder in your shower, a ghost in the corner, and damn it- you know your passport’s expired.

To understand more of my predicament check this Buzzfeed article out. Or just be honest with yourself (and me) and tell me what lurks in your shower at 3 AM!

Or these:



















{Sweet Dreams tonight kiddos!}

5 thoughts on “Cuz what else would a blogger do at 3AM?!

  1. This is so beyond perfect. It’s exactly what I do when I can’t sleep and the haunting shows on discovery channel TELL me it’s witching hour and cold spots mean a spirit is lurking. Let’s get together again soon!
    Paytington & Co.

  2. Of course, this happens to me, too.

    Only thing here is disagree with is calling anything on Buzzfeed an “article” 😉

  3. thank you for this, good to know im not the only one!! This happens to me more then I would like to admit!!

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